Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Hero

It's a bird; it's a plane; no, it's Jeff to the rescue!

I had just picked up Schrodinger from the vet following his neutering surgery. Since animals have to go under anesthesia on an empty stomach, he hadn't eaten for over twenty-four hours. Our little guy was pretty ravenous and devoured dinner. He still wanted more, so we gave him a little extra dry food and went back to cooking our own dinner. That's when we heard the strange, high pitched wheezing noise. We ran back in to see Dinger apparently choking on a piece of kibble. Jeff gave him several firm compressions around the ribcage and abdomen, and finally out flew the offending morsel. Heidi quickly gobbled it up, so poor Dinger lost his testicles and his tidbit all in the same day!

I was pretty proud of Jeff! Who knew the Heimlich maneuver worked on felines? Now, Jeff wanted it made clear that he did not give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a cat. All that was required was some quick wit and some manly squeezes!


  1. Oh, wow! Poor kitty! This story reminds me of one with Conner's dad. The neighbor lady's tiny dog was "yip-yip-yipping" incessantly so Conner's large dog walked over and barked one bellowous bark at the neighbor's little one. The little dog had a heart attack on the spot and fell over. So, because the hysterical neighbor lady was right there, Conner's dad gave the poor little canine mouth-to-hand-covered-mouth...and he recovered.

  2. Melinda, that story sure beats ours! It makes me wonder how the neighbor's dog treated Connor's canine from then on ;-)