Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cheap Date

Jeff is off for Spring Break this week (more things to love about the college professor lifestyle ;-), so I invited him on a little date Monday. We did a late lunch at the Olive Garden, which was almost free as I still had some money on a gift certificate from our credit card points. Then, we finally went to see The Blind Side. We very infrequently go to the movies, so we miss the rare previews for the decent films we might actually be interested in. Of course, by the time we heard about The Blind Side and made time to see it, it wasn't in the regular theaters anymore. But, happily, we discovered Huntsville has a $1 theater that gets most of the popular movies right after they leave the main screens. I'm happy to report it is a very clean, well-run theater, so maybe we'll be catching a few more discount flicks in the future.

After an enjoyable and uplifting movie, we went to our regularly scheduled dance classes Monday evening. We take two back-to-back since the studio is on the far side of town, and we're working on waltz this month, one of Jeff's favorite. So all in all, we did dinner, a movie, and dancing for under $20 total! Not a bad price for a fun outing to kick off spring break.

The rest of the week will be spent working on various projects around the house, so I'll update our progress lest it appear we are slacking off too much!

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  1. Way to go! You could probably give the students some budget-dating tips ;-)