Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hard Headed?

Well, now I am hopefully!


Being a therapist, I've worked with more than my share of traumatic brain injuries. So I'm always conscientious about wearing my riding helmet during any equestrian activities. Maybe it's because I started in the hunter/jumper arena (where helmets are expected and required), but it always surprises me how many other riding disciplines don't routinely wear helmets. Particularly in my current region of the country, where saddle seat and five-gaited shows are popular, I rarely see riders with helmets.

Given that your brain is about the consistency of firm jello (or warm butter, whichever visualization you prefer), helmets are far more about slowing the impact of the brain against the inside of the scull than they are simply protecting the scull bones themselves. (My blog title is hence a bit of a misnomer, but it was a good play on words.)

I did my research and decided that the previous helmets I've used are really not sufficient. My new purchase is measured to fit my head exactly, instead of an adjustable one. It's also one of only a few brands in the States that meets European guidelines (which are much stricter than US ones, not surprising since they are better equestrians than we are).

I never realized that my head is slightly smaller and slightly narrower than the average adult until I started looking for the perfect fit in a helmet! Finding just the right one was worth it, though. It's super comfortable and I can't wait to try it out in my lesson Friday.

P.S. Jeff, in his standard pun, has dubbed my new safety devise "Helmet Kohl"!

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