Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prepping for Prague and Berlin

The countdown continues! Just two more weeks before departure. We're trying to organize all the details and plan in advance for what we might need:
- I've found and ordered the most comfortable walking sandals my tootsies have ever experienced;
- Jeff is looking into iPhones so we will have international cellphone abilities;
- I've purchased a netbook so I can access Internet and email all over Europe;
- a well-traveled friend loaned us some guidebooks;
- I've made my first international bank transfer ever (at a hefty charge from the local branch, so best to avoid if possible);
- our new Capital One account has been opened and credit cards are being overnighted (FYI, Capital One is the only card we found that doesn't charge an international transaction fee);
- our plan tickets and airport pick-up are arranged (so we'll just keep praying that the volcanic ash grounding flights in Europe subsides soon);
- I viewed a documentary on the Jewish cemetery in Prague so I'll be familiar with some of the historical sites and lore;
- my German class is confirmed;
- the dog, house, car, plants, yard, etc. are all booked into the capable hands of our housesitter/petsitter extraordinaire.

I'm not sure how to pack for a two month trip. The most we've been abroad at a time has been two weeks or so. We can do laundry in the basement of our accommodations, so that's convenient. I'm trying to pack light, but it's shoes that are a problem more than clothes; they take up so much room but you really need a variety for different occasions and ensembles. Jeff has it harder because his suits, sportcoats, and shoes are far larger and bulkier than anything I have to take. This will be a fun experience in minimalist living!

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