Monday, May 10, 2010

The Daily Grind

As I type, the smell of roasted garlic is in the air. This is a good sign, as it means I was successful in preheating and using the oven for the first time here in our little efficiency apartment! The dials and symbols on the oven are a bit confusing, but I think it has several settings for bake, convection, broil, and additional combinations of the above. I want to make garlic bread to accompany our pasta dinner tonight, and I always try to keep some roasted garlic heads in the fridge back home, so this seemed like a good, low-risk first attempt. There's nothing like the smell of familiar foods cooking in the kitchen to make you feel at home.

Jeff and I each had our first day of “work” here. His went well with lots of introductions, hand-shaking, and settling in. He will give a technical presentation Tuesday so the lab can see his research areas and how his work will dovetail with theirs. My day started on the morning trains, like millions of commuters everywhere. I found my German class just fine and had an excellent session with students from Serbia, Norway, London, Spain, and the US. What a very international group we are here in Berlin!

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  1. Be sure to let us know what different types of food you enjoy there. There's a great German restaurant in Nashville (Gerst Haus) that I've gone to since I was a little girl. The only thing is, I can't bring myself to order but one thing on the menu: corned beef & cabbage, served with a side of corn cakes and applesauce and apple strudel (apfel, as they call it) for dessert. So, I know I have missed out on some great German cuisine.