Saturday, May 8, 2010

Train Travel

Here we are, flying over the German countryside on the Deutsche Bahn (German regional train). In fact, we just passed a striking pasture of wildflowers playing host to fields of solar panels and a wind farm in the background. It was quite unique, and so unexpected I didn't have time for a photo! But I have plenty of the other shots to choose from.

We are attempting our first “cross-country” trip to visit some brethren outside of Hannover. It's been an early start with lots of excitement already. We couldn't get the details worked out yesterday after many complications, so we thought we would have to abandon our plans for the trip this weekend. But this morning, we awoke very early (more thanks to jet lag then admirable personal habit) and decided we would give it a shot anyway. We took the S Bahn to the railway station at 6:50 am, and stood in front of a ticket kiosk for about 20 minutes trying to work out different connections. I think we managed, but I'll let you know after we make it back to Lichterfelde (hopefully sometime tonight)!

Later that evening...

Just updating to let everyone know we made it home Saturday night. We had several connections via bus and train, but it worked out well after a few nervous moments at each platform. Now that we know the system, it won't be too bad. But we'll be sure it buy our tickets in advance, as it was super expensive to purchase last minute.


  1. What adventures! I'm sure the brethren loved having you come and I'm glad to hear you made it there and back safely :-)

  2. I neat! What a wonderful experience! (this is Sarab B. by the way)