Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gone to the dogs

Berliners love their animals, especially their dogs. And the dogs go everywhere with their masters and mistresses. We see dogs on the sidewalks, dogs in the park, dogs on the subway, dogs in the mall, dogs on the square...I think you get the idea!

They are apparently allowed everywhere except grocery stores and restaurants. Being animal lovers, Jeff and I enjoy seeing the happy companions out and about. They are extremely well-behaved, and I haven't see a problem pet yet (the same cannot be said for some of the children and teenagers we've encountered). Perhaps because the dogs are so well exercised and socialized, they are better adjusted than their American counterparts. Note to self: take DaVinci on more errands when we get back to the States!
There are even dogs on the red carpet in Berlin!
(Homer the dog with royalty)

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  1. Looks like a fun place. I must be part German. We miss you guys. ENJOY !