Friday, June 4, 2010

More Meals

The food here in Berlin has been quite good. Groceries are extremely reasonable, many items such as fresh produce being more readily available and less expensive than in the States (and beer is literally cheaper than water most places)!
Meals at home; Chicken and capers in lemon-butter sauce on the left,
Florentine pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes on the right

We have eaten out a few times but try to keep it to a minimum. This gives me the full experience of really living in Berlin, needing to shop and cook at home. But we have enjoyed some home-cooked traditional German food made by friends as well as ethnic restaurant fare such as Italian and Turkish.
My very large plate, from our meal out with colleagues a few evenings ago

All in all, we are eating very well. There is only one small spot of tarnish on an otherwise glowing report. If only we could get large, cold glasses of water to accompany our meals, all would be right in our gastronomical world! As any of you who have traveled to England or Europe likely know, our friends across the pond are not fond of ice cubes, nor do they seem to think drinking from the tap is very couth. So one must constantly order small (and I do mean small!) bottles of mineral water to accompany the meal and whatever other beverage is being enjoyed. We have been able to get child-sized glasses of lukewarm water at a few restaurants, but several waiters have told us they are unable to serve tap water by order of the owner!


  1. Perhaps I"m more European than I thought. Although I've really worked at drinking more water. I much prefer whatever beverage comes with the meal (especially icy cold ones).
    The food sounds awesome, especially the availability of fresh produce. I hope you find a way to have more water soon.

  2. Jeff's always been a big fan of H2O, but I didn't realize how much difference it made until it wasn't there. We just expect in the States to get a big glass of whatever beverage we order, plus free refills often and a glass of water in addition. Here, no one seems to drink much with meals, especially water. And beer and wine just don't quench a thirst for me!

  3. I think it's mostly a matter of money. If you drink water you will not order a lot of other drinks, and that's where part of the income of restaurants depends on here in Europe. It's getting a little better in Holland where they serve tap water in more restaurants now, but usually it's expensive bottles of mineral water. (We just drink a lot of water once we are home again!)

  4. I just have to ask what is the stuff on top of the lemon slice? Looks like a butter of some kind but I doubt that's what it is.

  5. Kelly, you're absolutely right; it is butter. They served an herb butter on top of the lemon slice. I think it was to go with the steak, but the beef was so good on its own that I used the butter for the table bread!