Friday, June 25, 2010

Red Comrade

Jeff and I have a tiny visitor who reminds us of home. There is an adorable red squirrel with little ear tufts who comes by our balcony and windows regularly to check for food. He, in fact, appeared to want to come in one day earlier this week; I was enjoying a snack at the table just inside the miniature french doors to the balcony when he popped by to see if he had left any nuts buried in my potted basil. When the answer was no, he came right up to the doors, stood on his back legs, and scratched at the glass a few times. When he started trying to taste Jeff's denim that was drying on the porch railing, I had to interrupt his pursuits and he left. Somehow the photos got deleted from our camera, but here is a shot of his identical twin somewhere in Berlin!


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