Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pursuing Prague

Good morning from Prague, Czech Republic! It's known in Europe as Praha (with a flipped "r"), so I'm not sure how we English speakers came up with Prague. But nevertheless, it's a very exciting city. Jeff is here for a professional conference and will be presenting a technical paper on Thursday. I'm just along for the ride!

We took the direct train from Berlin yesterday and had a lovely trip. We didn't have seat reservations, so it's a bit like Southwest Airlines where everyone sort of crams on and tries to grab a good place. Except you don't check your bags on the train, you carry them with you. So the crush of passengers was also struggling with large suitcases while trying to jockey for seats. We ended up sitting in the dining car and enjoying a long brunch/lunch for the first two hours until the Dresden station where a lot of people got off and we found a great row for the rest of the journey.

After the conference registration and reception last night (Sunday evening), we enjoyed a fantastic dinner and returned to our comfortable hotel. Now it's Monday morning and I'm off for my first day of exploration. I will mention that our Internet connection is extremely slow here, so I may not be able to upload photos until we return to Berlin. But I think the wait will be worth it, as every scene of the city is so picturesque one doesn't really need photography skills to capture beautiful images.

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  1. Oh! I've always wanted to go to Prague! I had some college friends who spent a semester in Europe and their favorite place to visit was Prague. Can't wait to see your photos!