Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Delight in every bite!

Jeff took me on a date yesterday evening. We had purchased a Living Social coupon deal to a little Mediterranean/Italian place a few months back, and it was nearing expiration. So we spiced up a mundane Tuesday with dinner followed by ballroom dancing.

The food was fantastic! This place is a bit out of the way from home, but not too far from Jeff's office. I had the grilled sea trout and Jeff enjoyed the lamb. It was a very elegant presentation, but, sadly, you won't get to see that part. I am not much of a photographer and didn't even think about taking a photo until it was too late. Instead, here is a much rarer sight than an elegant presentation of fish set before yours truly:


A completely empty plate! I could have licked it clean. I can't think of the last time I left a restaurant without a take-home box. We really enjoy these elegant restaurants that prize quality over quantity. As Jeff says, he would rather leave an eatery wanting more as opposed to wishing for less. This was the perfect amount for the entree (allowing me to indulge in the rustic bread served with olive oil beforehand without feeling guilty about spoiling my dinner). We were free to savor every morsel and not be too weighted down to samba, rumba, waltz, and swing our way through the remainder of the evening.

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