Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A time to work, a time to rest

It isn't quite from Ecclesiastes, but it has a similar ring. Several months this winter were slow and relaxing, even occasionally boring. But no more of that! It has been a very hectic month. This past week alone, we've had overnight guests, formal dinner for nine, major church responsibilities for three separate days, floral arranging, a vocal solo, heavy baking, garden transplanting, intensive house and car cleaning (three cars, one too-big house, and an extra set of appliances (long story)), and all the other responsibilities of regular life to handle.

Our upstairs heat pump finally went completely out, so I'm getting estimates for that. The Neon has a hole in the manifold, also necessitating several estimates. When I was in the middle of a big fresh flower arrangement, the realtor called and needed to show the house in 45 minutes. We have been about the first to arrive and the last to leave at our new congregation for the past month, with all the duties that come with organizing that. I had the responsibility of making bread for the Passover, which is a new and rather nerve-racking duty. We are the early crew, late crew, and every crew in between at times (sometimes without even a minute to visit the bathroom)! We've fallen into bed well after midnight, only to awaken early, too many times to count lately.

I can more deeply appreciate the cycle of agrarian life this year; the ease of the winter months disappearing into the ever-escalating pace of spring. This break-neck speed surely will subside a bit in another week or so. I hope. ♫Just keep swimming, just keep swimming♫

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  1. I think we all can relate, especially this time of year. You're not alone, at least we're all swimming together.