Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How men and women see color...

This is so true, at least for us! Jeff and I joke about this all the time; he insists that he sees the color variances but just doesn't know what to call them. If colors had numbers instead of names, I think he might actually remember and use each one correctly ;-)

But we still have the issue on whole color families. He will see something the shade of Robin's Egg and call it green (I would say blue); he sees Wine and says purple (I would categorize it as a red). It really does make me wonder, is it only the vocabulary or is our color experience truly that different?!


  1. LOL ... this is SO true! I remember in college I told my date, after he asked, what color dress I was wearing and tried to describe it just right (a certain shade of purple), in guy language. When he showed up to pick me up he looked at my dress and said, "oh, I have a blue tie that would match that perfect."

  2. It's come to my knowledge, too, that A LOT of men are color blind. It IS interesting! Conner, though, since legally blind, sees red, blue, and brown all as the same, poor guy

  3. Funny post! I must say, I'm getting a bit worried here...I think I'm more like a guy in this way. To me, all those "greens" are just red! :-) Etc, etc!