Friday, November 18, 2011

Leaning Lights

We have not had any exterior lights in the backyard since we moved in. There is a pole with a yard light mounted on it, but it has never worked. The same skinny pole also carried the heavy electrical wire from the (too low) weatherhead on the house roof over to the shop across the backyard. Carried it, but not very well. The line was sagging down quite low over the drive. In addition to this heavy cable and the non-working light and affiliated electrical cord, the pole also sported two random phone lines from different corners of the house. All this sat smack in the middle of the backyard on a wonky pole around which DaVinci frequently entangled himself.

Yes, the camera is straight. No, the pole is not!

Not anymore! We now have a sturdy, round pole with a working dawn-to-dusk light (on a breaker in the shop, no less, so we can turn it off when we wish to star-gaze). Said pole is closer to the driveway to shed light where needed and not cause an unsightly obstacle in the yard. It's also taller and straighter, which is an added bonus.


A very friendly father and son electrician pair made this happen in just a few hours. We've now eliminated three rather awkward lines, complied with code regarding the weatherhead, and illuminated our parking and walking paths. I love when making life better goes so smoothly! I can't wait to come home after dark and not need Jeff to fumble out his iPhone to serve as a de facto flashlight in order to see the right key for the back door!

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