Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Priceless Pecans

I will never complain about the price of shelled nuts again! I spent about three hours today shelling pecans and only netted just over a pound (and that was on top of the time spent collecting and drying them)! I'm amazed that the grower can maintain acres of trees, wait ten years for them to start producing, gather the nuts, shell and package them, ship them across the country, and stock them on the local grocery shelf, all for about $7 a pound. My fingers are raw and brown, and I have several more baskets to go!

On the plus side, I found a great sugared pecan recipe that I prepared over Thanksgiving. It made a tasty treat that was consumed in just a few days. I'm making more for a dinner party, so I'll try to get a photo and post the recipe.



  1. That's great! :-) Isn't it crazy how much time it takes! I've cracked many a nut in my day and, yes, it's amazing they aren't $15.99 a pound - that would be more realistic! Perhaps those who actually sell to the big time stores have some fancy nut-cracking machines that they use, making the job 10x easier?!

  2. I just found out that I can take my whole pecans down the local farmers coop and they will run them through some sort of shelling machine! I don't know how much it costs, but next year when I have a big crop, I'll be sure to save them up and do this instead!