Thursday, November 3, 2011

A queen for my king

We have been sleeping in a full size bed for the past six years (at least). When we bought our first old bungalow, the bedrooms were small and I found a great antique iron bed (which were all full size back then) that we loved. Not only is the mattress only the length of a twin, it was rather old and squeaky to boot. It was plenty of width for the two of us cuddly sleepers, but at six feet tall, Jeff was frequently hitting the footboard if he stretched out.

We've been thinking about getting a new mattress set for a while. But mattress shopping is a bit overwhelming! We'd gone a time or two, but with just a few minutes to sit on, bounce on, and lie on a mattress in a showroom, how do you decide! What size, what plushness, what material, what price point?

But after we enjoyed the very nice bed at the hotel in Tucson for almost two weeks, we realized how bad our old mattress really was. So it became a priority as soon as we returned home. And I'm happy to say we found a great deal on a Eurotop memory and latex foam queen set with organic cotton. So now we have comfort and support from our heads to our toes with no creaks or jostling in the night! There is even a bit more room for DaVinci to join us on the bed in the evenings for a short cuddle. Here's to a good night's sleep, my King!



  1. The beds in Tucson were so comfey I can see why you desired an upgrade. We were quite disappointed to come home to our regular bed also. Sweet dreams in your new bed :)

  2. I think it was those beds that convinced us we don't need or want a "bouncy" mattress. Narrowing that down made bed shopping so much easier! I meant to ask the Hilton staff what beds they use, but I don't imagine they are in my budget, so it's just as well ;-)