Monday, January 23, 2012

Cracking with the Classics

With our bounty of pecans, Jeff and I have been trying to get a few quarts cracked every week. It's simple enough work, though a bit tedious, and it can be rather relaxing to have the hands occupied and the mind freed. We've been watching old Andy Griffith episodes or PBS programing like This Old House and Nova specials while we do it, but Jeff made a fun suggestion the other day.

We don't usually watch many movies because it's so hard to find good, decent, uplifting films anymore. But we both have old favorites, so Jeff mentioned that we should select some oldies-but-goodies to watch again while we crack. That way, we won't feel like we're missing anything if we get distracted by a particularly tricky nut, but we get to relive the greats (that we know are enjoyable and clean). Jeff loves inspirational sports movies, so I'm sure Rudy and Hoosiers will be on his list. I'm a sucker for the old family Disney movies like Pollyanna and Swiss Family Robinson, and anything Rogers and Hammerstein. Should be interesting to see how many movies it takes to get our crop fully shelled!


  1. What a great idea! And a chance to get in some good classics! PLUS, you're actually accomplishing something too :-) I love the sports inspirational ones as well...Miracle was GREAT! as well as the Disney ones you mentioned! JP and I watched Swiss Family Robinson about 4 months ago! Good times!

    1. Miracle, that's another good one! I'll have to mention it to Jeff so he can put it on his pecan cracking list ;-)