Friday, January 27, 2012

Perfectly Persian

One of my errands down in Birmingham on Monday was looking at a few Craigslist items. We have a decent posting locally, but when I need something unusual or high end, I search Nashville and B'ham. It's not too onerous of a trip should I happen to find just the right thing, and I can make a day of it and do some "big city" shopping.

My impetus this time was a beautiful runner. We have a long, rather narrow hall on the first floor extending from the front foyer to the mudroom in the back. We'd like to eventually make it a bit of a gallery with some of our framed oil paintings and such, but so far it's just been a dark, dreary stretch. No more with the cheery placement of the rich runner.

I was very excited to find one just the right length. And it's my first real Persian rug! I have several of European and Oriental origin (who doesn't these days, with everything made in China!). The runner still has the Iranian import tag on the back and is a thick, vibrant wool pattern. It even came with the felted nonslip pad, so no fear of DaVinci peeling out and rumpling the runner!

The runner is still a little crooked and wrinkled; it's much harder than I thought to get 16+ feet of heavy wool to lie straight on a nonslip surface without a helping hand!


  1. Love the long hall and the rug looks perfect in it. Our favorite pattern for your kitchen is the pattern second from the left. P.S. We are still enjoying the hen fruit and pecans. Have you tried the hen fruit sandwich ?

    1. I'm looking forward to trying the sandwich! Jeff is not fond of mayo or Miracle Whip, so I'll have to see if there is another spread I can use to moisten the bread; would butter work?