Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day Trip

I've been sick for the past week. It wasn't too bad most days, but I did have the "it gets worse before it gets better" experience. Saturday and Sunday were the most symptomatic and unpleasant, but I seem to be over it now. Jeff had a little something similar a few days before I came down with it, so he blamed himself as the carrier.

I'm glad I'm all recovered now, since I had plans today. Some girlfriends (or womanfriends, since they are all a bit older than I ;-) went down to a cute little historic downtown area for lunch and some window shopping and browsing. They swung by to pick me up, and stopped in the farmhouse to get a peek at our progress. We are all friends from the Master Gardener class, so I was almost more anxious about the exterior and landscaping appearance than the interior!

We had lunch at a fun little eclectic cafe. The decor was all over the place! It looked like an old fashioned soda shop/antique mall/junk store/storage barn. There was "stuff" covering every surface with mismatched tables and chairs in a maze of rooms. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but it was a fun place for ladies that lunch.


More interestingly, at least to me, was the bathroom decor. Each gender had its own single bathroom (as opposed to the multi-stall version). When my friend needed toilet paper, I sneaked across the hall and borrowed from the men's room. Little did I know what I was in for when I opened the door!

Yes, that is the toilet tucked over there behind the pine tree!

I guess you could hop up on a barstool and
enjoy a drink after making room in the bladder!

I had to take a photo just to show Jeff! He always jokes how the lady's room has sofas, nice art, decor items, etc., and the men's room never does. I'll came back to the table remarking on a restaurant's bathroom appearance, and Jeff will go to the men's room only to find a bland, sterile interior. I now know just where to take him for our next meal out so he, too, can enjoy the toilet retreat!

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