Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Flashes

The stove deprivation is officially over! As the saying goes, now we're cooking with gas! Firing on all burners!

You can tell I'm excited about the installation of my Thermador range. I really, really dislike electric stoves, enough so that it was the main impetus for the kitchen remodel at our previous house. And I have been cooking with nothing but electric since we bought the farmhouse seven months ago. Over half a year with a single, nonresponsive burner, dealing with slow heating times, long cooling periods, slippery coils, temperamental controls, etc; all of this on top of a rather dysfunctional kitchen. Jeff has praised and petted me regularly for making do under these conditions (never mind the fact that was my dream to buy and restore the farmhouse in the first place; he's just kind and understanding that way)!

My BTU (Beautiful Thermal Unit)

All systems go!

I have such a list of delectable delights I can't wait to cook and bake now that I have four powerful burners and a large oven at my disposal. Jeff has requested a batch of homemade granola, and I'm thinking about fudge and marshmallows (both of which require precise burner control). Now that we have heating under control, if only I could get a fridge and ice maker incorporated into the kitchen work triangle!

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