Friday, April 27, 2012



I thought I had identified this gorgeous blue bird last year. We saw several flying around during the summer and believed we were seeing an Indigo Bunting. But I captured this photo outside the kitchen window yesterday and am not certain the markings are quite right. The male apparently does has more brown in the late winter and early spring before turning a brilliant blue all over just in time for mating season, so maybe this guy is still in his lounge-wear and hasn't gotten all spiffed up for the girls yet. Whatever he is, God certainly created a stunning color for this fine feathered friend!

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Indigo Bunting Passerina cyanea
Courtesy of National Geographic


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  1. I believe they are Barn Swallows. We had the same pretty things at our last house and it took a lot of research. Our bird books show the barn swallows being a little chubbier than these, but the white belly and red chest fit this bird better than the Indigo Bunting, which is what I thought they were as well.

    Whichever they are, they are certainly a total joy to have around. :)