Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pinky and the Pain

The Bible speaks of "little members" and "uncomely parts", but I don't think it's usually speaking of the pinky finger. But my little member has certainly been uncomely these days.

Jeff's iPhone doesn't do the coloring justice, but it's just as well,
since the one on the right is hardly an attractive sight!

It started Friday evening after DaVinci helped himself to a new odor by rolling in some chicken droppings. He had just done it the day before as well and received a full bath for his efforts. There was no time for a tidy bathing this evening, so I unceremoniously hosed him down the best I could. He was wet, frantic, and hungry by the time I let him in. While drying him off with a towel, he threw his head back just as I came forward to wipe his neck. Crack! His skull jammed right into my pinky finger. Within a few minutes, the finger was swollen, tender, and stiff. Now, one day later, it has the lovely addition of purple splotches and tight skin. In profile, it resembles a sausage stuffed in a too-small casing.

Jeff has had plenty of jammed and sprained fingers (via basketball) and says the symptoms are fairly normal. I had no idea how many activities required the assistance of the pinky, but now that mine is not cooperating, I'm realizing the significance of small appendages. I'm also discovering the difficulty of sleeping with one's hand over one's head (to prevent the blood pooling and additional swelling), so I'm learning all kinds of news things with this latest experience.

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  1. lol. Great analogy: "a sausage stuffed in a too-small casing."