Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wonderful Windowboxes

Since I have quite the little nursery of extra plants built up in the back corner of yard (from gifts, propagation, plant sales, clearances, etc.), I thought perhaps a little color on the left side of the house would be in order. It's a very sunny spot, but the small Knock Out roses aren't doing much blooming yet, and the herb garden will be mostly green. I found bronze colored windowboxes for $2.50 each, and Jeff fell in love with some colorful celosia at the garden center. I used that as my (soon-to-be) tall "thriller" element, mixed in some 25¢-per-pack discount annuals as filler, and tossed in two colors of sweet potato vine for spillers.


These boxes fit nicely on the windowsills outside the two downstairs bedrooms. I think they will really cheer up the western face of the house, which also happens to be the most prominent side coming down the road. I love that I can just open the windows and water them, and I look forward to seeing them fill in!

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