Monday, July 2, 2012

Caulk Talk

I have been itching to paint the downstairs guest room, but it is a daunting job. Painting walls is rather simple; almost fun, when you realize how much of a dramatic change you can achieve with just a gallon or two of paint. Painting the ceiling is not so pleasant, but it goes pretty quickly since it's just one expanse (although you have to keep drips and spatters from furnishings and floors). Painting trim is probably my least favorite job; it's meticulous work, the high sheen paint shows every flaw, and this house has miles of molding (an attractive problem to have, but there it is nonetheless).

But this particular job doesn't just require painting three surfaces three different colors and sheens. It requires a thorough, deep cleaning of years of accumulated debris. And sanding and caulking off years of abuse. Then there are holes to fill, dents to flush out, gaps to hide, cracks to smooth, wood and wall boogers to scrape, etc., etc,. etc. And not just on the moldings, but in the plaster, on the paneled doors, at every juncture and join and seam.

I've been prepping for the past two days, and all I see is a maze of messy caulk. But I have finally arrived at the painting stage, so progress is in sight. I just hope my unusual wall color choice is a success, because I doubt I'll be up to redoing it anytime soon!

Several rooms in the house were painted this identical minty green color in flat paint. Walls, trim, doors, all surfaces in an unflattering, unwashable finish. Now that I have to cut in everything, I'm starting to see why they took the easy route!  

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