Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chapter 9

...In which Jeff and Sarah are completely surrounded by water. (A.A. Milne fans will get the title reference!)

It rained and it rained and it rained. The ponds are encroaching on the pasture and the puddles are taking over the yard. The poor chickens have been cooped up (literally!) for days now. And we have the start of an Olympic sized swimming pool in the basement!

The basement has never been water tight, and it tends to weep in the wet winters. But someone working in the basement must have unplugged our sump pump to use the outlet and never plugged it back in. I finally thought to open the basement door just to check the conditions down there, and imagine my surprise at almost two feet of water. We got the sump pump running and enjoyed a lengthy water feature as the pipe began spewing a thick jet of liquid away from the house. After an hour or two, I checked the basement again and found little bubblers and fountains going on down there. There are apparently holes in the concrete floor and walls that are allowing ground water to come pouring back in! Jeff found it all rather entertaining, but I guess once it dries out a bit, we'll have to find some sort of patching solution.



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