Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm so excited! I have finally obtained an object which I have been seeking far and wide. I was even contemplating how to wrangle a trip to Kentucky a few months ago when I thought I had found said item (but it turned out to be sold already). What could this very desirable possession be? A scale!

Not just any scale, but an antique upright physician's scale. I have had a love affair with these sturdy measuring instruments for quite some time. I don't know why; I have never even owned a regular bathroom scale, so it's not about weighing in. But when I see the simple, accurate balance scale, I can't help hopping on and playing with the sliding weights. Something about achieving that perfectly level indicator makes me smile (no matter what number it lands on).

I almost bought a newer model a month or so ago at the flea market, but something made me hold out for the vintage version. I was beginning to regret passing on it, but then I spotted this beauty on my local Craigslist. It didn't just fall in my lap; I had been searching eBay, auctions, online classifieds, the works. But people call these scales so many different things, it was hard to know what to search under. Perseverance finally paid off, and Jeff helped me load and transport my fiendishly heavy and bulky find in the pouring rain the other evening. It will have to sit in the laundry room until the new bathroom is ready, but it just means I get to enjoy it in a more prominent place for a little while!


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