Monday, November 11, 2013

Blank Slate

After all our bathroom remodeling woes over the past few days, we are thankfully down to a blank slate. We got the self-leveling concrete underlayment poured this weekend to take out the worst of the floor dip (more than inch drop from the edge of the floor to the middle, and that's only a distance of about three feet)! The patch looks a bit awkward right now, but it will all be covered by new flooring, so appearance hardly matters. We'll just be glad not to get dizzy and off balance on the walk to the commode anymore!

 photo 2013-11-11010.jpg

While picking up the deep soaker tub at Home Depot Sunday, I started chatting with a very friendly lady who was contemplating a bathroom remodel herself. After discussing the merits of different tubs and surrounds, she insisted on checking us out with her military ID so she could gift us with her service member discount. Since I used credit card points for a store gift card, our tub worked out to be free. I even have a few dollars left on the card! It's nice to save a little money here and there, since budget creep always happens during these projects.

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