Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Acquisition

As is Evans, Inc. style, we never wait to finish a project before beginning (or at least planning) another! So while I wait for the plumbers to get to us and our small bath reno, I'm strategizing about the future master bedroom.

You might remember this room:

 photo 2012-12-5004.jpg

I shan't even apologize for the mess. This is a big step up from what it looked like when we bought the house!

 photo MGmanual026.jpg

It was a big, scary, uncomfortable, unfinished attic space (remind me to tell the freaky "Chucky-esque" story sometime). Now at least it's comfy-cozy temperature wise, thanks to the foam insulation. Very expensive, but very necessary if we were actually going to live upstairs. But it consumed a decent (or perhaps indecent) chunk of our budget, so finishing the room has had to wait.

We are finally ready to continue work up there, and since I'm a bit stymied by some difficult framing and electrical decisions at the moment, it's much more fun to think about decor. So I needed a jumping off point, something to inspire the whole room. And I think I've found it in this vintage Turkish rug we just purchased:

 photo Turkishrug4.jpg

It's rather different from my usual style, but I'm thinking of something warm and colorful and eclectic, along these lines:

 photo screen-shot-2012-09-07-at-7-56-47-am.png

It will likely be several months before I get to the fun part, but for now I have the rug laid out in the attic and I open the door every now and then and mull over my options. Who knows? We may change our minds by then, but it's fun to plan. Jeff calls it my "Fantasy Decorating" game!

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  1. What a beautiful rug, good find. The wonderful thing about middle eastern rugs is that they encompass so many design elements within themselves that they blend well with almost any decor style.