Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Several conversations and events lately have me reminiscing about our very first house. We started our journey as homeowners and DIYers almost exactly ten years ago. In hindsight, we really had no clue what we were doing! But we had been house hunting for over a year, looking for a historic, affordable little first home that we could put our stamp on. We found our fixer-upper in a quiet, central location with a large yard and beautiful (though overgrown) landscaping.

After the home inspection, we almost didn't buy that first house! But the seller lowered the price to accommodate some big repair expenses, and we jumped right in. It needed a new roof (decking and shingles), a new water heater and new venting due to dangerous carbon monoxide issues, significant kitchen and bath updates, and a very thorough cosmetic overhaul.

We bought the house in December and had to immediately get the roof replaced before it got too cold. I don't think I even have exterior photos before the new roof went on because it was already dark on the evening we closed on the purchase, and the roofing crew arrived first thing the next morning!

Exterior photo outsideroof1.jpg
Lots of potential, and lots of peeling paint

Exterior photo outsideroof2.jpg
The mess of old shingles covered up the mess that was the old steps and porch

Living room photo livingroom2.jpg
Front entrance and living room

Dining room and kitchen photo diningroom2.jpg
Dining room

Kitchen photo kitchen.jpg
Blue, blue kitchen; and more dated ceiling fans!

Library from living room photo livingandlibrary.jpg
Looking past the patched walls into the study

Downstairs half bath photo downstairsbath.jpg
Dirty bathroom

Stairwell photo stairwell1.jpg
Peeling paint and filthy carpet

South bedroom photo Southbedroom2.jpg
What's with the mint green fascination? Our current house was covered in it, too!

North bedroom photo Northbedroom2.jpg
Little country ducks border and heart stencils everywhere

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