Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reminiscing complete!

As the current bathroom remodeling project is coming along so slowly, it's a good thing I started this little reminiscing series. Since I've been showing old photos of our first house remodel, I had better show the finished product before you think we lived in a wreck. We were so happy in our little bungalow by the end, it was really hard to leave. We felt that first house could have met all our needs for the future, so I'm glad we never saw it as a "starter home". It was just home!

This was no overnight transformation, like they portray on the design shows. The saying in the construction world is "fast, cheap, good; pick two!". I think we only ever got one of those qualities on any single project. It took four years and more thousands than I initially expected to get to the point of the "after" pictures below, but we wouldn't have traded those experiences for anything. 

Exterior photo outsideroof1.jpg
Exterior before

 photo AHousefront.jpg

 photo IMG_0599.jpg

 photo DViewacrossstreet.jpg

Living room photo livingroom2.jpg
Living room before

 photo ELivingroom.jpg

 photo IMG_0626.jpg

Dining room and kitchen photo diningroom2.jpg
Dining room before

 photo GDiningroom.jpg

Kitchen photo kitchen.jpg
Kitchen before

 photo HKitchenleft.jpg

 photo IMG_0586.jpg

Library photo library.jpg
Study before

 photo FStudy.jpg

Downstairs half bath photo downstairsbath.jpg
Downstairs bath before

 photo JDownstairsbath.jpg

North bedroom photo Northbedroom2.jpg
Master bedroom before

 photo P1010029.jpg

 photo MToileroom.jpg

South bedroom photo Southbedroom2.jpg
South bedroom before

 photo KPoohroom.jpg

Middle bedroom photo middleroom0001.jpg
Gable bedroom before

 photo LGablebedroom.jpg

Full bath upstairs photo bathroomupstairs.jpg
Upstairs bath before

 photo NUpstairsbath.jpg

 photo OGarageandloft.jpg
No before shots, but carriage house/garage after

 photo PDetachedloft.jpg
Carriage house loft after

 photo QFishpond.jpg
Fish pond we added

 photo IMG_0652.jpg
Front yard in spring

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