Sunday, January 9, 2011

Easy Peasy Personal Pizza

I usually like to use up left-overs and clean out the fridge on Sundays in preparation for my meal planning and grocery shopping early in the week. This sometimes leads to creative uses of the "found" items. Today, I spied about half a cup of homemade barbecue sauce and a little baggie of cooked chicken thigh meat from my broth-making. This, combined with the freebies a family at church gave me yesterday, sparked a fun, almost free, lunch. I made BBQ chicken mini pizzas!

On the whole grain thin buns, I spread the remnant barbecue sauce, distributed the orphan chicken scraps, topped with thinly sliced red onions and lots of fresh cilantro, and sprinkled with cheese. After just a short time in the oven, we savored the tasty treat while enjoying our favorite radio program on NPR, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! This was just the thing to warm up after a cold game of tennis in the 19 degree weather and wind.



  1. Those look yummy, like something out of a pizza ad, way to be creative and save money in the kitchen Sarah!

  2. Thanks Steph! I think they tasted even better than they looked, so I'll have to make this concoction part of my regular pizza rotation.