Friday, January 21, 2011

Omlettes, anyone?

Have you ever had an egg cracked on your head? Well, I did yesterday evening!

Okay, not a literal egg. More like an imaginary egg. Last night, after pillow-talk and snuggling down to sleep, we somehow came to the moment when Jeff said "Surely I've cracked an egg on your head before?". (I won't even try to explain how it was we arrived at that conversation; it's a rather roundabout tale!) I replied that no, I didn't know what he was talking about. So of course he proceeded to gently thump an oval egg over my crown (with sound effects included) and "run" the resultant imaginary substance down my hair and face.

The egg was not the only thing to crack up; I thought it was hilarious! We had to turn on the bedside lamp so he could show me the technique and I immediately began to practice.

Am I the only one that missed out on this childhood convention? I've done the whole "Criss cross applesauce, Spiders crawling up your back..." rhyme, the numb finger trick, the disjointed thumb imagery, and a handful of other silly games of the same ilk, but this one was new to me! I guess it's never to late to learn and amuse the child within ;-)


  1. I suppose I must have been somewhat sheltered as I am not familiar with nary a one of those!

  2. Yes, we did that as kids. Amazing how it gives you the shivers as the egg rolls down your head and neck!

  3. That's exactly what I felt, Rachel! I think it was especially funny to be so random and unexpected (the lateness of the hour probably helped, too).

    Melinda, I guess you missed out; you'll have to brush up on your silly skills so you can entertain Alec when he's a bit older ;-)