Thursday, July 7, 2011


No, not the Patsy Cline kind. The loco kind! If you've ever thought the whole "old farmhouse purchase" sounded a bit crazy, just know you are not alone. We think we're a bit nuts, too! Here we sit in peace and quiet and safety, and now we've decided to go and upset the apple cart. But Jeff and I frequent remind ourselves: Comfort is overrated. That includes physical comfort, not just the oft referenced "comfort zone".

I had a moment of fears and tears a week or two ago when all the inspections on our current house passed and there were no more obstacles to the sale. Maybe somewhere deep down I thought there would be a hold-up or a problem that derailed the purchase (well, not so deep down, because there were some issues we thought were going to be deal-breakers, but God worked them out).

So once there were no more outs, I had a small panic moment as reality set in. At night was the worst, when the realization of no air conditioning, no kitchen appliances, lack of outlets, crazy wiring, peeling paint (lead based, I'm sure), problematic plumbing, no laundry, muggy basement, lack of doggy containment (how does one begin to fence an acre with a roaming dog on a somewhat busy road with speeding drivers?), propane and septic tank dealings (I've always had the luxury of city utilities that pump my necessities to and fro), and numerous other concerns, decisions, and factors weighed on my mind. I think it really hit when the fridge and window units we had been relying on (to get us through a few months until major renovations) were stolen. What kind of silly people sell a perfectly good house to live in 100 degree weather without the cooling comfort of AC or ice or cold beverages?

I have to admit, we hadn't bargained on that situation developing quite as it did. But, in for a penny, in for a pound! Perhaps this is something like the couple who decides to bring another child into the family. The idea is lovely at first, the dream builds, then the recall of all the labor and difficulties set in, but the decision is already made. And of course there is never any regret afterward. I think we are in the third trimester phase and labor is about to begin. I know it will result in a wonderful end product, but sometimes it would be nice to fast forward to the finish line!

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