Friday, July 22, 2011

Windows? Why yes, we do windows!

With this farmhouse, I don't get to "don't do windows". They are filthy. The whole house was rather dirty (enough to have me scrubbing porcelain surfaces and sweeping all the walls and ceilings). But it's amazing the difference the windows make. These are single pane (that was almost a Freudian slip; I didn't catch that I had typed "pain" until a last minute edit!), weighted sash wood windows with old aluminum storms on the outside. The poor windows have paint, nicotine, dirt, cobwebs, you name it, all over them inside and out. I've only gotten to the insides of several rooms so far, but it has a huge impact on the light quantity and quality. I can't wait to take off the storm windows, clean both layers, and replace the torn and dirty screens.

Enjoy your tilt-in, thermal double paned, grids between the glass windows for me, y'all. I'll be thinking of them fondly as I wash and repair my way through 27 double hung multi-lite elderly windows.

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