Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swingin' Good Time

After we had a full day Saturday and returned to a light meal of various leftovers (given that we had enjoyed fresh peach milkshakes on the drive home), the girls asked what we were going to do next. Uncle Jeff offered the idea of a dance lesson in the big shop, and it was quickly and excitedly accepted. I'm so proud of him for coming up with the suggestion all on his own initiative, given that he wasn't a huge dance fan only a year or two ago!

We thought a single swing would be a good starter lesson, especially since it's frequently done at camp and church dances. So we taught both girls the basic, the rotating basic, the lady's underarm turn, and the cuddle, with a little general dance technique thrown in for good measure. They were quick learners and we had music going in no time!

I danced the lead's part for the first time ever (so both girls could have partners simultaneously), which was a very good exercise. I have been gaining appreciation for the man's role in ballroom, and this really reinforced it! Oh, what you men have to go through to show us a good time ;-)

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