Saturday, July 16, 2011

Honey, I'm home!

It has been a busy, exhausting week! We were bruised, sweaty, tired, hungry, and dirty for the past several days. Moving from a four bedroom house with large garage and yard means a lot of stuff. How can two people have so many belongings?! The amazing thing is I sold a number of items on Craigslist just prior, and I still marvel at how many boxes and furniture pieces are piled everywhere.

We took three trips in a 20 foot moving truck (that's counting the little "attic" area, so it was more like 17 feet plus a few boxes); one of those loads was packed after midnight in the dark with headlamps! Thankfully, Jeff hired two undergrad students to help us for several hours on Tuesday, so they got the majority of the heavy, bulky items. That includes the antique upright piano, vintage armoire, sturdy leather sofa (dating from back when quality items were still made, and made in the US!), appliances, etc.


Moving day was 110 degrees with the heat index, and don't forget that we only have one window unit in the whole farmhouse! The metal ramp on the U-Haul truck was so hot from sitting in sun, it was almost impossible to handle. The first night we stayed in the farmhouse, the pilot light on the gas water heater wouldn't stay lit, so we had no hot water. Thankfully, I had an electric tea kettle, so I boiled several pots of water to mix with the cold and bring the temperature to a tolerable tepid. It was certainly hot enough out not to be too uncomfortable, but aching muscles would have enjoyed a soothing soak.


But we're here, and we're loving it. The lightening bugs, cool breezes, big blue sky overhead, songbirds, and shady old trees already make it feel like home. This evening we enjoyed a few moments sitting out on the wooden swing in the back yard at dusk overlooking the pasture and watching DaVinci nose about in the shrubbery. This is the life!


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  1. How exciting that you're in your new place! I look forward to hearing about all your new farm adventures :)