Thursday, July 21, 2011

Found It!

If you read Wednesday's post, you'll remember that we were missing two major items. By today, it became three. The elusive third was my handy-dandy flat plug extension cord for the kitchen, which had been conveniently placed in the top drawer of a hutch destined for the farmhouse kitchen, but then got removed and "packed in a better place". If only we knew where that better place might be.

We theorized that these items must all be in the same location, a last minute box or something, to be still MIA after unpacking and organizing so much the last few days. We would have moments of inspiration and hopefulness as we discovered a random box with some leading words in the label, only to be let down as we viewed the contents. I would have "imaginary" memories of perhaps packing it here or there or the other place. But I was always wrong.

It was Jeff who unearthed the little buggers. Somehow, somehow, he thought to look in the Neon car trunk. I must explain that this is DaVinci's car. Not that Alabama licenses doggy drivers, but that this is the old, smelly, noisy, just-runs-enough-to-get-around-town car with 230,000 miles on it that we don't mind getting dog hair in. So we basically keep it to take DaVinci to the vet and kennel (and because it still gets 35 MPG)! The trunk has leaked forever, so what possessed me to pack anything important in it is beyond me. I put a bunch of paint and stain cans in the boot, and I guess in my midnight delirium, I found it to be the perfect place for sundry critical items as well. Out came the plumbing box, my lamp harps, the extension cords, and quite a few odds and ends we didn't know we were missing yet.

Lesson learned. If you're ever playing hide and seek, try the car trunk. No one will think to look there!

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