Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a lovely, busy, fruitful Independence Day long weekend at the regional campout. I had more responsibilities than ever before and was in the camp kitchen before, during, and after almost every meal. Preparing, serving, and cleaning up food for 140-160 people three times a day is quite an experience!

I must admit, I had to make a bit of an attitude adjustment early on. I had brought my favorite knives and kitchen tools preparing to perhaps lead one (maybe two) meals and enjoy some fellowship and relaxation the rest of the time. Instead, I was assigned supervision of 10 teams of multiple ladies and teens, responsible for all the serving and clean-up activities of every meal. I didn't see much of Jeff for three plus days, but when I did, he was always there to bring me a drink, retrieve some necessity, save me some food, assist where he could, and encourage me along; he was my watering station in the marathon! It was exhausting at times, but I honestly must say it was the best campout I've been to yet. It really is true that you gain the most by giving.

If only we could have given away some gnats and flies! More than the heat and humidity and sun, the bugs were the main nuisance. We had to work extremely hard to prevent the food from being contaminated. Raw meat was not their only target; eyes, ears, nose, any exposed flesh, they were not picky. I was also on first aid, and the poor kids who suffered any cut or scrape had their boo-boos instantly inundated with pests. We tried all the natural and less offensive repellent products with minimal to zero success. If anyone knows a reliable bug spray with low risk, please let me know so I can stock up for next year!

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