Thursday, September 8, 2011

Earning their keep

The girls are producing! Today was the first day we received three eggs from three hens. We had been getting one or two each day, but I had only seen one hen for sure laying. Now we know they are all busy. If you have some great recipes involving eggs, please pass them on!

A funny aside: I remarked to Jeff how these eggs are slightly to somewhat smaller than the standard "large" eggs purchased in the store. I added that I would have to learn how to adapt them to recipes, and Jeff said "Just use more"!

I'm so excited to have brown eggs! I know all colors are equally nutritious, but
there is something so wholesome about pretty red hens laying lovely brown eggs.


  1. Awesome! Do you bake a lot? A LOT of baking recipes call for eggs! Also, omelettes each morning = mmmmmmmm....delish!
    And, yes, the blue, yellow, green and pink are nice, but the brown just screams REAL, HOME-GROWN CHICKEN EGGS!

    Also, congrats again on your 10th. Loved reading about your trip!

  2. Thanks Anna. I'm definitely a baker, but without a range right now, it's a bit difficult. I'll just have to be patient until the kitchen remodel!