Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Successes

We had a productive morning Sunday. Jeff had Spokesman's Club and was gone all afternoon and evening, so we packed as much as possible into the first few hours of the day.

It was all focused on curb appeal. While I mowed and trimmed some of our wild bushes, Jeff got to work on the lamp post. It was a rusty pole with a bare bulb dangling (literally!) from it when we moved in. The before (and this was actually after priming, so you can imagine how much worse it looked all peeled, scabby, and stained!):


Just look at it now!

See the proud beam!

Then, while I was testing out shingle siding options for our dormer, I realized I could climb out on the roof from the window. This may not sound like much, but I have been trying to find a way to get the torn storm windows down for repair. The poor house has looked like it had a black eye (or three) since I've known it. I had to cut the screen and shimmy out the opening, but Jeff found me a socket wrench and we went to work removing the offending panels.

Sarah on a hot shingle roof!

Ah! So much better. Now I can see the wavy glass and the tree's reflection!

Now if I can just decide on siding for the gable, bed design and plant selection for the walk and foundation, and some porch furniture, we'll be in business. Let me know what you think of the gray-green shingle sample and if you have any ideas on trim and accent colors!

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