Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitchen Pleasures

Jeff fixed a minor problem for me this evening that has been a daily annoyance. I'm glad I have such an understanding husband who really recognizes what goes in to making a kitchen work well!

As I've mentioned before, we are currently without a stove or full size refrigerator as we are planning the major kitchen remodel. I have a mini fridge sitting on a folding card table to hold my daily items, and I trek out to the shop for the deep freeze or larger fridge when needed (55 paces one way to be exact). The mini fridge is in a slightly precarious position wedged in a corner behind the kitchen door. I have to walk from the opposite corner of the kitchen (where my prep spot is), around the little island, half close the kitchen door, pull open the fridge with my right hand, wiggle out my required items with my (non-dominant) left hand, and then re-adjust the kitchen door so it is out of the walkway.

I had tried to change the fridge door swing, but hit several snags. But tonight, Jeff made it happen! I can't tell you how much better and easier this is! Every time I open the fridge, I smile. This is one upside of hardship: you appreciate little conveniences and niceties so much more!

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