Friday, June 22, 2012

Chicken Pox

No, we don't have chicken pox, but our chicken may have the pox.


Something isn't right with Atomic. She hasn't laid an egg in almost a week (and she's our one-a-day girl without fail; rain or shine or snow or sleet). She's been a bit more lethargic lately, and Thursday she didn't come out of her coop or eat. I finally got her out and fixed a little "nest" for her in a partial bag of pine shavings. We kept her on the shady back porch and ladled water into her every half hour. She looked really bad for a few hours mid-morning, but she's slowly started eating a few hand-fed berries. We kept her cool and hydrated, and by Friday she had perked up a bit.

 She had a messy vent from sitting in one spot for almost 24 hours without moving, so it was our first experience with a chicken bath (and it gave me opportunity to see if she was egg-bound). She took it quite well, whether it was because she wasn't up to fighting or because it felt good, I'll never know!


We hope she's on the mend now, but we're still keeping a close eye on her.

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