Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Potty Talk

We have an outdoor bathroom. I don't mean an outhouse; I mean a real bathroom accessible from the outside (it's attached to the house, just featuring its own entrance). This feature could actually be very practical from a farmer's perspective, or if we had a passel of kids that could enjoy the convenience, but we never used it at first.

It's a complete three-quarter bath with shower and all, but it had been out of commission due to some plumbing issues and a whole lotta "ick". A few months back, Jeff rectified the leaks and we took turns scrubbing and sanitizing, and we're now proud of our handy-dandy fully functional "outbath", as we call it. I'm thinking of stenciling the classic half moon on the door so backyard guests will know what it is. We've really found it comes in handy for grilling out or patio get-togethers, and it makes an interesting conversation piece on home tours! It's still not pretty, but at least it's clean and functional.


The overview


It would be impossible to get clean in a shower like this!

I won't even show you the toilet bowl. I have never, ever see anything that revolting. We seriously considered replacing the toilet (to the tune of at least $150 plus the time and effort involved) simply because it was so disgusting. But a few rounds of scrubbing over the course of a couple days worked wonders!


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