Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beam Me Up

We suddenly realized late last night that the lone ceiling joist in the unfinished cathedral attic would be in the way of the spray foam insulation going in early Wednesday morning. It's a rather beefy roughcut beam, but our inspector had okay-ed its removal after we reinforced the roof rafters. So Jeff and I were up on ladders with lights, bracing, gloves, and a jigsaw to get the thing down at 7:30 this morning before he had to leave for campus.

The installation crew had prepped everything yesterday, so they were ready to go full bore today. They got about 75% of the upstairs sprayed. It looks so much brighter up there with all that reflective white. It's like living in a cozy igloo! But it's a little cool temperature-wise right now, since I have several windows open and a fan exhausting to the outside. The smell is barely noticeable downstairs and only a tiny bit stronger on the second floor. It has been described as a fishy odor, and I would have to concur. But it hasn't caused me headaches or any other physiological effect, other than a silly smile on my face every time I peek into one of the rooms and see that fluffy white cloud settled over my walls and ceiling ;-)

They still have to shave the ceiling in here, but it's looking good!

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