Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Edge

Remodeling is stressful at the best  of times, but we had a very different edgy moment last night.

By posting this blog entry and photos, I will have to admit to a weakness for chocolate. And not even good quality chocolate; usually, any chocolate will do. So last night, while fretting over yet another bathroom decision gone wrong, I opened a package of peanut butter chocolate wafer bars and split one with Jeff. It was suppose to console me, but it ended up distracting Jeff!

We finished our treat and I went to wipe the butcherblock island counter of crumbs when Jeff interrupted me. I thought he was perturbed by a bug of some sort, but he was pointing and exclaiming about an inanimate object on the counter. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a piece of chocolate. No big deal; I was still worrying over the bathroom. But Jeff started admiring the chocolate from all sides and whipping out the iPhone for documentation. So I got closer. And this is what I saw.


Look at the little dark spot in the middle of the photo. Doesn't look like much, right?


Look a little closer. It's a tiny diamond of chocolate (a shard from the wafer bar) standing on edge. All by itself.


It's just standing there. We stared at it from all angles. It stayed put. We took photos. It stayed put. I was rather blase about it all at first, but Jeff was more excited than I usually see him. It's a piece of chocolate! On its corner! All by itself! You have to understand that Jeff has a small habit of setting things on edge. Nothing big or fragile, just little things he'll turn on a corner or an edge and balance there absentmindedly. It's a cute little quirk, but it explains why he was so excited about the chocolate. His excitement was infectious, so I guess chocolate got me through another stressful moment, though not in the usual way!

In the end, we left the chocolate diamond on the counter overnight. This morning when we found it laying down, we tried to set it up on a corner again. And failed repeatedly. It was apparently a once in a lifetime occurrence. Although I think we need to eat many more peanut butter chocolate wafer bars now in an attempt to replicate the event!

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