Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Here is a shot of the kitchen as it looked Monday night. We had hoped to have it all prepped, but the huge cast iron sink was too heavy and awkward for me to lift, so we had to wait for reinforcements Tuesday morning.
Jeff made quick work of the counters after this photo was taken.

As one friend remarked after seeing this view, I have cabinets for days! The elderly gentleman who grew up in the house told us we need a helicopter to reach the top shelf (no matter that it was his mother who designed and had this kitchen built; I appreciate her foresight, even if he doesn't)!

Sometimes in painting, the hardest part is not the painting but the not painting. This is particularly true when spraying paint, because overspray can run rampant. Thankfully, the cabinets are the first (and only) thing in the room to be sprayed, so I can let paint get on the walls and trim without much problem. I do have to keep it off the windows, floor, and appliances, though!

Taping and draping can be an art! It took me quite a while
to get the dishwasher and windows covered neatly.


  1. I remember when we painted our cabinets that the taping and papering took longer than the painting. It is always the prep work that takes the most time. It is going to be an awesome kitchen.

  2. That is definitely the case in our situation! The taping and papering has been going on for days, but the actual first coat only took about an hour.