Monday, December 26, 2011

Progress Report

The kitchen is coming along. I have cut in the crown molding and painted the ceiling (BM Linen White, a perfect creamy white for an old house).


The walls are being prepped for their paint coat, as well. After patching and priming the cracks, Jeff remarked that I must be writing Japanese characters on the wall. That top left one does rather look that way, doesn't it?


We carried in the counters and set them in place. After a few stomach sinking moments when it looked like the mitered corners were all wrong, Jeff figured out that we could chisel away some of the plaster along the walls and close up the gaps. Our wall angles are fairly square, but the plaster varies quite a bit in thickness. This discrepancy over several feet of counter run is enough to play havoc with a 45 degree seam. Out came the cold chisel and hammer and Jeff made it work. As I was admiring the profile of our counter nose, Jeff couldn't resist comparing his nosing to its.


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