Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carload of Countertops

We went down to the laminate fabricator to pick up our kitchen countertops yesterday. I found a great wholesale place that deals with big box stores all over the region, but also does custom orders with just about any detail, finish, size, etc.

In this kitchen, the counters are not the star of the show asthetically, so I chose a simple pattern that looks very much like soapstone. I did a premium finish, upgraded edge profile, and flat deck (no backsplash so we can do a custom one), all for $15 a linear foot! That is a great price when most cheap stones start at $25-30 per square foot. I'm just not a granite girl, and since marble and soapstone aren't in the budget, I love me some nice laminate!

The counters (stacked backward, so it's a little
hard to appreciate their subtle beauty!)

Since we were in town, we stopped by the architectural salvage place I posted about before here. We were looking for a wooden lower sash to replace the one damaged window in the whole farmhouse, but we found something else instead. More countertops! Just a piece of one, actually, but it's just enough butcherblock to do the island top. I have been planning to buy a piece for around $100, but I got this remnant for $25 (and it's narrow strip maple and oak, which is much better wood than the original product I sourced). What a day for counters!

The unfinished butcherblock (sitting on top of my
next project, the dining room table)

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