Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gone to the Birds

I have been neglecting to refill the bird feeder, given the flurry of recent remodeling. I rectified that oversight this morning and was rewarded quickly with activity outside the kitchen window as we were working on the inside. Jeff got some great close-up shots of the woodpecker and other avian wildlife.

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Work continued on the inside of the kitchen with another warm-blooded creature on the scene. DaVinci should be at least a journeyman plumber by now, given all his years of supervision on the job. Somehow he never pays any attention to electrical work, but the plumbing trade always piques his interest.


Dishwasher drawers are quite a bit different to install than a standard unit, we have discovered, so it's a good thing we had an extra set of paws around for assistance. If he only had a 5 mm open end or box wrench, then we would be in business! Sadly, neither he nor any hardware or auto parts store in town has this tiny metric tool, so the installation phase will plod along at least another day.

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