Monday, December 26, 2011

Herbal Bath

No, it wasn't a relaxing chamomile soak, or even a lavender scented wash. It was parsley!

When I went to get into the tub yesterday evening for a warm and cleansing rinse after a hard day, I found, much to my amusement, a piece of parsley floating in the bath water. It was a remnant from dinner, when I washed my electric cooker in the tub (it won't fit in the pedestal sink)!

This has been my evening ritual for the past few days, bent over the tub scrubbing our cookery and utensils. It's amazing how quickly you get use to it, though. I almost can't imagine the luxury of a working range, close-by refrigerator, and running water. And all in the same room; sheer decadence!

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  1. Ah, yes, Sarah! I was just in your position last summer. We ultimately moved our old sink and countertop to the garage, where Matthew used PVC pipe to make a drain that carried the water out of our garage. At 95-degrees most evenings, I not only washed the dishes but got my sauna-treatment for the night. :)

    Remodeling is great fun and OH SO REWARDING!